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Brig. General (res.) Yosef Kuperwasser

Brig. General (res.) Yosef Kuperwasser

Director General, Ministry of Strategic Affairs, Israel

Until 2006, Yosef Kuperwasser served as head of the Analysis and Production Division of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Directorate of Military Intelligence (Aman). In this capacity he was responsible for preparing Israel's national intelligence assessments and for early warning.  After his retirement, he served as Vice President of Global CST, a security consulting company, and led its consulting activities for the government of Colombia.

During his military career, General Kuperwasser served as Assistant Defense Attaché for Intelligence at the Israeli Embassy in Washington DC (1992-4) and as Intelligence Officer of the IDF Central Command (1998-2001). He was involved in shaping the way Israel copes with the threat of terror and understands regional developments and in sharing those understandings with American and other foreign officials.

He was also responsible for much of the intelligence support to the judicial system in fighting terrorism and appeared quite often as a witness in the major trials that dealt with terror in general and with terror financing in particular. General Kuperwasser has published in various publications on intelligence and policy issues and appears occasionally in the media as a commentator on those issues.

Between October 2006 and January 2007, he was the Andrea and Charles Bronfman Visiting Fellow in the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at The Brookings Institution

General Kuperwasser has a BA in Arabic language and literature from Haifa University, and an MA in Economics from Tel Aviv University.

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