BODY AND SOUL | The State of the Jewish Nation

Gloria Z. Greenfield
Executive Producer
George Violin
Associate Producers
Adam and Gila Milstein
Zionist Organization of America
Gloria Z. Greenfield
Director of Photography
Richard Chisolm
David Grossbach
Music by
Sharon Farber
Music Orchestrated and Produced by
Sharon Farber
Scoring Mix by
Oren Hadar
Production & Technical Crew
Dominic Egan | Camera, Paris
Mattias Nyberg | Camera, London
Production Assistants
Alon Farago | Israel
Maeve O'Connell | London
Oren Rosenfeld | Israel
Sound Engineers
Dwayne Dell | North America and Israel
G.John Garrett | Boston
Ludovic Lasserre | London and Paris
Sound Mix
Nick Sjostrom | Clean Cuts, Baltimore
Research Team
Alisa Maeir Epstein | Israel
Daniel A. Rabb | Boston
Ziva Dahl | New York
Titles & Graphics
Peter McDonald | Design Director
Gilly Rosenthol | Design Assistant
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